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Moroccan Judaism is a culture in danger. What was once a key part of Moroccan culture and society is now being forgotten and many people in Morocco do not even know that Jews still live among them. There is much confusion and even resentment caused by the massive Jewish immigration to Israel and many people now confuse terms such as Judaism and Zionism. This confusion and lack of information has caused many people to forget or to even look negatively on a people who were once their neighbors and a culture that is even now intricately a part of their own. This film seeks to resolve the confusion and to educate people about this history of a culture which cannot be separated from Moroccan culture as a whole. This is the abstract of the 30 minute documentary film that I have recently produced. Among the interviewees there are: Simon Levy, Vanessa Paloma, Armand Guigui, Maurice Elbaz, Moshe Amar, Mohamed Hatimi, Oren Kosansky, etc.

It was projected and discussed in the following places: Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah Univeristy (Fez), American Language Center (Fez), International Institute for Languages and Cultures (Fez), Amicitia American School (Fez). It will also be shown in different places including:  Maimonid Center (Fez), Al Akhawayne University (Ifrane), The Jewish Museum (Casablanca), in addition to some universities in America.


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