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Hello America,

I am African. I live in North Africa, Morocco. I am not black. My ancestors were never enslaved. I don’t live in a jungle nor in the desert. (And by the way I have never seen a desert so far). We don’t go to school on camels. We don’t trade women for camels. I don’t have a sword.

Morocco is an Arabic-speaking country with Islam as the official religion. Still We have Jews, Christians and, may be to your surprise, secular atheists.  

Americans, why do you advise someone visiting Morocco to watch Casablanca film? Do you seriously consider it as a reliable source? knowing that it has NOTHING to do with Morocco except for the title. Besides it is a 1942 film, HELLO, Morocco is also in 2011!

Americans, do you know where Morocco is situated? Do you know that Morocco is not a part of the Middle East? It is rather across the strait of Gibraltar from Spain. Morocco is the closest African country to Europe.

North Africa and the Middle East

Concerning women. We don’t have belly dancers. Not all Moroccan women are veiled. Women here interact in the social life. Women occupy many jobs side by side with men. We sit at the same table to eat.

For the record: Morocco was the first country to recognize America as a country in 1796. Mr. Obama knows this.

Please! Come to Morocco and judge for yourselves, you might be pleasantly surprised.

Salam from Morocco.


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