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Agadir – April 24-28, 2012

Founded by Nezha Drissi, the International Documentary Film Festival: FIDADOC is an exclusively dedicated to the genre of documentary films. Drissi’s desire was to develop the production of this genre in Morocco. The opening of the fourth edition, which took place in cinema Rialto in Agadir, began with a film in homage of the deceased Nezha Drissi whose initiative is carried on by her disciples. The festival is in partnership with 2M. The festival also includes programs for school children.


Enfants de Regueb (Children of Ragueb) is a short film that introduces a new perspective to the aftermaths of the revolution in Tunisia, this time presented by the children of the country. These children present their opinions freely about the former president Ben Ali. The film shows how these children dislike Ben Ali and give mature-like answers, such as: “Ben Ali stole our money” “When I was young I loved Ben Ali, but now (giving the impression that they are old enough now to consider this issue while they are still at the age of about 12-13) I don’t like him.” The film-maker provokes them by asking the question: “Do you have money, did he steal your own money?” The film argues that these are their parent’s opinions which are repeated by their children.

IMG_9809The next film in the projection sequence is Jerome Le Maire’s film: Le Thé ou l’électricité?  (Tea or Electricity). It tackles the daily struggles of the inhabitants of the village of Ifri in the mountains. The film, or rather the characters in the film, gained many applauds. The film-maker follows the story of the development (introducing electricity) of a village. Electricity was seen as a blessing to the village, but once it was installed in their humble houses, problems occurred that made their lives rather complicated than more comfortable. The film was the winner of the prize.

The festival continued for 5 days, starting from April 24th to 28th. There were film directors, producers and other professionals from the cinema industry.


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